Working hard to hold on to your Wishes?

Does it feel like you’re in a tug of war with your life wishes?  You know what you want out of life but you can’t seem to get there? The heaviness of responsibility seems to pull you back into the rhythm of reality you’re familiar with, and you don’t make any headway towards achieving that wish. Yet, you keep pulling and tugging on that dream, dragging it with you everywhere you go, thinking, “At least I have it with me”.

Wishes are only wishes without a plan. That’s nothing new to you, I’m sure. What if you could work with a dream planner to help you bring those dreams into reality?

That’s what my work as a life coach looks like. I ask you specific questions to help design a plan, specific to you to attain the dream, allowing you to live the life you want. We work together to figure out what, when, where and how your wish can come to full fruition.

The wish has only the identity you give it. Maybe it’s more money, healing,  more personal time, a better relationship, closer connections with friends and family, better work performance, better communication, better whatever!

If you had your own personal genie, when would you decide to ask for your wishes? What hesitation would you have?

So you say, Amanda, I don’t know if I can afford you. I say, yes you can. I have a proactive plan for each individual circumstance.  My job is to help you, not drain your bank account.  Having Integrity has to be at the forefront of the trust we develop in the coaching relationship.  I’m so confident that the quality of your life would significantly change through coaching, that even the belief about money will transform, and you will see that you can afford so much more life has for you.

To make this even more comfortable, I’m going to offer each one that reaches out to me through this post, a 30 minute dream session to help you to start living out your dream.

In 30 minutes, you will know if it feels good being proactive about you. If nothing else, you received a complimentary dream session with a seasoned Certified Master Life Coach that helped you kick off your new proactive attitude about how you want to live your life, transforming the stagnant energy holding you back.

Complete the new client form on this site, or call 480-733-9500, whichever is comfortable for you, and you will be contacted to set up your complimentary 30 minute phone session with me.

Do it for you!

Amanda Shaffie

Better People – Better Business


scwulptor: Robin Wight, UK

How to put on your Backbone with your Makeup!

During my early years of being a single Mom trying to raise my 4 kids, I looked hard to find a decent job I could apply myself and earn a living for my family.

I took a marketing job for a gun shop to help increase their appeal to the female market.

One day I was rearranging the display case and asked the gun smith standing near by, if the owner would approve of the changes I made? He laughed and blurted out, “He would approve of whatever you did as long as you batted those pretty eyes at him!” At that point, (not gun point mind you) the men all started laughing.  Consumed with the joke, they hadn’t even realized I had disappeared out the front door.

I stood in the parking lot frozen, looking down at the asphalt picturing my kids’ eyes staring back at me.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be after 14 years of being a stay at home mom to get back into the work place.

I had given up my career for my husband’s those 14 years married, and committed all I had to build the people I helped bring into the world.  Raising 4 amazingly beautiful people, so they could know who they are and what they stand for, would be my most significant contribution and accomplishment to the world. (Not to mention a Noble and Unselfish one at that, for all of you stay at home parents questioning that choice.)

I didn’t want the men to see the tears I was holding back, because the comment suggested I was not hired for my ability, but rather my looks.  Had it not been that I needed the money, I wouldn’t even be in that shop.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for work.  So, I learned that day how to put on my backbone with my makeup, or warpaint, depending on how you want to look at it. (Remember that phrase, you will see it on my book.)

The gunsmith walked out the front door and saw my face and asked, what’s the matter with you?

I walked up to him, wiping away my tears and asked him, “Could you imagine if I were your daughter or niece struggling to provide for her kids, knowing that it was a tough situation she was in, would you belittle her that way?” I asked, “Do you know how hard it is to wake up every day, scared to death wondering how you’re going to pay the bills and provide for your kids with limited education and work experience?  Everyday I get ready for work, feed the kids, get them to school, with thoughts chasing me about how I am going to buy shoes and clothes they’re outgrowing by the minute.  Then balancing schedules between dentists, doctor visits, IEP parent teacher conferences, each kid’s activities, parenting time schedules, while trying to keep kids healthy, emotionally and physically, as I bury the ultimate fear that I could fail and fail them!  That’s not an option! At the end of the day it’s all I can do to find the energy for the laundry, the shopping, while keeping my head together trying not to worry if there’s going to be enough money, and/or  enough me?….. I can go on and on, but don’t you dare make light of me and my contribution here because I am a woman!  None of you do what I do, so keep your sexist jokes and comments under your belt.”

He realized his mistake, and kindly apologized humbly to me and to the men working there.  I respected him for it, and in turn, I gained some respect that day and was no longer just the “gun shop girl”.  (Thank You Lord, I didn’t lose my job.)

Your children’s eyes will force you to do things you didn’t know you could.

Wrap-Sure Products Gun Mat!

The Power of Music

After an amazing visit to Washington and Oregon, on my way back to Phoenix at the Portland airport, I came upon the perfect ending of one of the best trips I had in a

long time.

I was so entranced by melodies of what sounded like a calling to peace, resonating through the entire airport and resonated within me. I followed the music to a man dressed in white with a spirit as gentle as I have met. His music captured the essence of the human spirit in such a way, that I was grateful for the chance to meet this gentle soul.

Jimmy and I spoke briefly, and exchanged philosophy on our purpose to happiness, and since, I carry his light with me in the music that will forever capture that moment we got to meet. I bought the Grace cd, and have enjoyed the “Introflective” experience. It’s a word that I made up that describes the meeting of light and sound in our essence.

Thank you Jimmy!


The Power of Words

Words offer significant insights to our core belief system. It’s our self truth, and our choice of words can cost or serve the authentic purpose we desire in both our inner and outer worlds. In other “words”, how we think (our inner self language inside our heads) is projected through our words and attitude as well as shape our perspective

of how we view everything, especially ourselves. This video is a powerful example of how your words can attract different outcomes. I personally thank the people that put this one together. They drove the point home. Amazing!