C- collect all information
O- observe the situation from all sides
B- Be big and tall – rise above the emotion
R- Retract and Review
A- Attack the Action plan/problem

In observing the cobra snake, I paid close attention to its tactics in how it responds to a situation that threatens its welfare. As a student of its methods, I learned from this amazing animal and created this life tool for myself and my life coaching clients on how to handle high conflict situations that poses a threat/change in our security & environment. Let’s visualize what takes place when the cobra feels threatened;
1) It recognizes the threat- “C” – collects information – identifies the object of the threat and the situation

2) It observes the threat – “O” – observes all sides of the threat and possible scenarios and outcomes.

3) It rises tall and big, fanning out it’s neck – “B” – be bigger than the threat. Operate from a well balanced and linear perspective – take the emotion out of the situation (snakes lack emotion) and develop the right “skin in the game”. (Shed the emotion) Use a sensible directive.

4) Retracts- pulls back to get a full picture before final execution of premeditated response. “R” – retract and review.
(Respond- thinking ahead- never REACT- involves no thought process)

5). Attack- “A”. Attack the action plan…. In our case – Not the person, but the problem.

This is cobra —
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