• What can be said about Amanda Shaffie? For starters, she embodies what living from love is. The love that flows through her via verbally, physically, and energetically that she raises you up and reminds you of the truth of who you really are. She is truly a being of White Light to brighten whatever perceived darkness you are experiencing. So thankful to be on this journey with her!!!
      ~ J.Cappelli, Florida


    • Having never met with a life coach before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or get out of it. After meeting with Amanda I was pleased and relieved that I did end up meeting with her. She is thoughtful and diligent in her work, leaving no stone unturned. You will feel her passion for helping others as you talk to her and her ability to help you personally is impressive. Whether it is dealing with past hurts and then healing, or simply reaching your personal goals, Amanda is fully equipped to help you make that happen as she did with me. The sessions are completely professional, yet her personality makes the session eventful and uplifting. Again, I’m very glad I met with her.
      ~ D. Brinkman


  • The level of energy is fantastic working with Coach Amanda. I have been a customer for a couple of years and I am truly grateful for the encouragement and direction she has given me every step of my personal progress. Thank you Miss Amanda!
    ~ Stephanie, Gilbert, AZ


  • In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone you can trust with helping you make life choices that change the way you do things and make you want to better yourself in every way. Amanda was recommended to me by my boss, and now I know why, he worked with her and I saw the changes in him and the success he was obtaining. After watching his transformation, I knew I wanted to try out her program – it truly is outstanding to see yourself change. I love this program, and I love working with her!
    ~ Danielle, Scottsdale, AZ


  • I really needed to focus on my priorities in my life. My relationship has been going through growing pains, and my family has struggled with my loss of income due to losing my job. It has been hard trying to hold it together while the bills pile up. Before seeing Amanda, I wasn’t sure if I was really up for another counselor giving me an hour to share all my woes while draining my wallet. I went in and visited with her, her office was calm and inviting and I felt hope for my dismal life. I am still coaching with Amanda and have found a new job with better pay and improved the relationship with my patient wife of 15 years. Amanda seems to have the ability to help me understand where I am lacking without me feeling like a lost cause. My wife has come in with me for some of my sessions, and she is now seeing Amanda too. Thank you for giving us hope!
    ~ Stephen and Barbara, Chandler, AZ


  • I have known Amanda for ten years. She has been a loyal friend and confidant. On a professional level, Amanda has provided helpful insight into my business and personal life. Amanda’s dynamic nature is refreshing and revealing about how to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amanda’s proactive approach to coaching is uniquely different if you want more in your life, in your personal relationships, and a new approach to managing your career as well. You owe it to yourself to take the first step and find out more about this genuinely dedicated person and her remarkable program created to help you push pass the obstacles in life. Thanks Amanda!
    ~ Gary, Gilbert, AZ


  • Amanda is a remarkable, intelligent, and intuitive woman who can be an immense benefit to all my clients. It is for these reasons, among others, that I will continue to refer clients to her. Amanda has 100% of my confidence, and is the best and most qualified professional I know to enable my former clients to find enrichment and fulfillment in their lives.
    ~ Andrew M. Saper, Chandler, AZ


  • Words cannot express the appreciation I have for all Amanda has done, not only for me personally but for the family members and friends I have referred to her. Few people in this world have the unique intellect, talents and insight that she possess. She uses those attributes in service to others helping them come to important insights and understandings that enrich their lives.  This is a testimonial to the love and compassion that she possess for the human spirit.  I often get full reports on my referrals’ experiences with her, and they are all extremely positive.
    ~ Al, Mesa, AZ


  •  I have sent two referrals to Amanda.  One was a police officer going through a divorce and dealing with all of the pain and self-doubt that such an experience engenders. He spoke to me each time after he met with her and not only did he give a glowing report but I was amazed to see him grow in personal insight, strength and confidence. With the divorce firmly behind him, and I believe in large part thanks to the insights he gained through her coaching, he is now in a much more healthy and happy relationship with a wonderful woman, and has a much better relationship with his children from his first marriage.   The second was a friend who is a successful business man with a good and happy family who wondered if good could be even better, and also if there were things that might be missing that he didn’t even realize. After meeting with Amanda, he realized that good indeed could be better. His business, marriage and relationship with his children has moved to a new level that is the epitome of happiness and fulfillment. He and I also rest assured that as challenges come, she will always be there to help us fine tune and reevaluate so that we can experience a life that many dream of but few ever achieve.  Thank you for who you are and what you do Amanda.  I know personally that my world is a better place because of your help.
    ~ L. S., NYC


  • To Whom it May Concern: I find it a priviledge to do this. I want to give you a brief testament about services rendered to me by Amanda. I was in my 30’s with a mentality of a 13 year old when I met Amanda. She is a Holy Woman, the best in the business. She raised me mentally, I mean it’s from her teachings that I am who I am today. I have a career and a good life all thanks in part to this woman’s forthrightness and honesty. In short and in conclusion, everything I am today I owe to Amanda.
    ~ Daniel, Mesa


Note: Client’s identities are not fully disclosed to respect and honor their privacy and personal development.