Who’s Who Among Amanda: 
Listed here are professionals that I personally recommend for their area of expertise to meet your particular need.   These individuals are like minded in honoring the integrity of what they do and how they serve you.

Doug Crouch Photography
Expertise: Advertising Photography
Location: World Wide
Contact Number: 503-449-4743
Amanda’s Comments:  Doug has been my personal photographer for the last 20 years as a model and has assisted me in all areas of work that I have done. He has been one of Fender’s top photographers for their amazing guitars and above all, he makes me look GREAT!

Albert L. Schmeiser, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts
Expertise: Intellectual Property Law
Location: Worldwide
Web Page:
Contact Number: 480-655-0073
Amanda’s Comments : Al is very impressive with his multi-faceted knowledge in many areas.   His attributes of intelligence doesn’t inhibit his amazing people friendly skills.   You will enjoy working with him as you manage ideas to bring it to full fruition in patenting and marketing.   He and his firm are extremely knowledgeable and patient with you through the entire process.